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WebDimensions/RM was named a Top Products by Risk and Insurance magazine. WebDimensions/RM is an Internet multi-dimensional reporting application that allows on-demand intuitive access to loss runs and other management reports from existing Claims and Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS).

WebDimensions/RM enables companies to do away with the exorbitant expense of generating, printing and mailing thousands of reports every month to risk managers who may individually need to see only a few and who often find the paper reports outdated by the time they arrive. WebDimensions/RM allows authorized users to get on-demand, secure, password-protected, point-and-click access to claims and risk management reports they need, right over the Internet, from existing claims and risk databases. They can track risk exposure, reserves, claims status, and other metrics whenever they desire.

WebDimensions/RM allows companies to improve service for their customers while cutting expenses.

WebDimensions/RM: Management Reports

WebDimensions/RM provides powerful analysis and report generation capabilities to extract critical case and injury management information from claims and RMIS databases using the Internet. Users can navigate with an incredibly simple point-and-click web-based interface to view companywide summaries of injuries, reserves, medical or indemnity expenses, or drill down on RM information in many dimensions, slicing and dicing the data by location, body part, injury type or other fields. They can:

  • chart/graph online,

  • print reports,

  • view details or summaries,

  • export the information to Microsoft Excel or Word with a simple click, and

  • give different levels of managers different privileges to only access the data they need.

In WebDimensions/RM the configuring of just 2-5 reports can replace hundreds or thousands of current paper reports because extensive drill and sort features give access to all the data the users may need. Easy configurability allows for reports to be defined for many different insurance areas besides workers' compensation.

WebDimensions/RM: User Reactions, Cost Savings, Security

WebDimensions/RM has been praised by industry experts, end users and the trade press as an innovative web application for insurance. The Deloitte & Touche RMIS Lab in Hartford has selected WebDimensions/RM as a trendsetting product to be shown to D&T clients who use the RMIS Lab for system evaluations.

Users like the fact that by using the internet/intranet they can save the costs and headaches of deploying proprietary terminals or client-side software at dispersed locations and avoid paying for expensive leased lines to hook these up. They can add major new capabilities to their systems in weeks, instead of months or years, preserve their existing RMIS investment and modernize their set-up.

WebDimensions/RM is compatible with the leading internet/intranet security schemes already implemented by major companies, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Digital Certificates and password protection, to ensure the highest level of information security.

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