WebReports/CFO is an incredibly easy-to-use, yet extremely powerful management reporting application for companies' intranets. WebReports/CFO can put financial and other information at the finger tips of executives, companywide. It opens up the data buried in company data warehouses, data marts or databases, to powerful analysis and report generation by company executives without the need for handholding and support by strapped Information Technology (IT) resources. Executives can finally get the information they need, when they need it. IT can get out of the business of designing and publishing hundreds or thousands of paper reports, when any individual user may need to look at only a few of those. WebReports/CFO achieves this by interfacing to any existing company database directly.

WebReports/CFO has been designed from the grounds up to be only a web application and is committed to providing the simple easy-to-use point-and-click web style of navigation through all information. Users use a standard web browser, Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, to view any set of reports.

They can start out with companywide summaries of revenues, cash flow, cost of goods sold, product and parts inventories, etc. and drill down on this information in many dimensions, slicing and dicing the data by product lines, regions and sales territories, customer types, and other fields in the database. They can:

  • chart/graph online,

  • print reports from the browser,

  • view details or summaries,

  • export the information to Microsoft Excel or Word with a simple click,

  • sort the information many different ways (for example, find their top sales reps by sorting the sales report in ascending or descending order)

  • switch between different dimensions and report types (for example in looking at revenues for a given product they can click on the COGS report and switch instantly to see the COGS for that product line).

WebReports/CFO's power is in the ability to define just a few reports, say 2-5, yet because of WebReports/CFO's extensive drill and sort features these reports can replace hundreds or thousands of paper reports that may be currently  generated for users. Easy configurability allows for reports to be defined for many different company applications and databases.

WebReports/CFO has been designed to give different levels of managers within a company only access to the data they need and are allowed to see. A district manager may be restricted to reports about his district only, a region manager to all region-wide reports and reports on districts under him, a divisional general manager to reports on his division only, a product line manager to only product line data. When a user signs on WebReports/CFO verifies the user's privileges and only presents options relevant to that user. WebReports/CFO also allows each user to "Bookmark" his most frequently accessed reports and maintains those bookmarks in the system for fast access by the user to the reports that are most relevant to him/her.

WebReports/CFO makes it extremely easy to introduce new report types or offer access to new classes of users because it is a web based application. There is no software to roll out to user machines, no software upgrades to worry about. The application runs on the central IT server and all users access it via their web browsers. They can even have easy access to the information they need when they are on the road, as long as they can access the company intranet.

Axim can customize WebReports/CFO for each company's needs and help company departments integrate it with their existing databases, data warehouse, or data mart. Contact Axim for more information.

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