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RapidReports, which started as the industry’s first completely internet-based, award-winning First Notice of Loss (FNOL)/First Report of Injury (FROI) platform, now provides a comprehensive suite of Property & Casualty claims reporting services for Workers Comp, Auto, Property, GL, and other P&C lines.

RapidReports combines great technology and call center services at the lowest prices in the industry to help insurance carriers, TPAs, and self-insureds slash claims costs, enable 24/7 services for insureds, and assure timely collection and distribution of accurate, complete claims information.

RapidReports was developed working closely with leading insurance companies and TPAs (Wausau, Liberty Mutual, Argonaut, Protegrity, Risk Administration Services, others) and reflects a clear understanding of the claims process and the needs of insurers, TPA, and self-insureds.

RapidReports comprehensive suite of services include:

  • specialized claims reporting technology solutions

  • full or as-needed outsource claims reporting call center services

  • premium services for claims system integration, provider referrals, EDI, etc.

RapidReports Comprehensive Claims Reporting Services  For FROI/FNOL

  1. RapidReports  Specialized   Technology    Solutions  For FROI/FNOL

    RapidReports Internet technology platform can be configured to bring the benefits of universal connectivity, 24/7 availability, tremendous self-service cost savings, and a uniform, yet highly configurable infrastructure for submission/capture/distribution of FROI/FNOL claims via all methods which an insurance company, TPA, self-insured wishes to offer to its insureds and agents. These highly customizable technology solutions include:

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  2. RapidReports Live-CSR Outsource Call Center Services For FROI/FNOL

    RapidReports RapidCall Services operate out of multi-site call centers with highly trained, multi-lingual, live CSRs, to capture and distribute FROI/FNOL for insurance companies, TPAs, self-insureds, agents. RapidCall Outsource Services can be your solution for:

    • Comprehensive Outsource Services, 24/7, for capture and distribution of all called-in and faxed-in claims, handled by trained RapidReports RapidCall CSRs

    • Evening/Weekends/Holidays Live-CSR Coverage, to augment internal call center operations of insurance companies, TPAs, by having trained RapidReports RapidCall live CSRs capture called-in or faxed-in claims, during off-hours so your insureds/agents can interact with live CSRs, 24/7

    • Overflow Coverage, to optimize your internal call center staffing, by having overflow calls be automatically handled by trained RapidCall live CSRs, ensuring prompt, courteous service for your insureds and agents, while helping you stay within budget.

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  3. RapidReports Premium Services

    RapidReports Premium Services enable insurance companies, TPAs, self-insureds, agents/brokers to provide more sophisticated claims services at time of initial contact and interface more tightly between RapidReports and their internal systems:

    • RapidConnect suite of connectivity products, to electronically interface RapidReports to claims and policy systems for automated pre-loading and update of policy/insured information in RapidReports and automated claims data transfer to claims systems.

    • RapidReferral capabilities to channel claimants to preferred provider networks at time of injury or loss.

    • RapidEDI for electronic transfer of workers comp FROI data to States.

    • RapidClaimHub capabilities to streamline information exchanges with claims partners, providers, fraud investigators, etc. on a claim

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    RapidReports Claims Reporting Services is committed to helping insurance companies, TPAs, self-insureds, agents/brokers achieve their cost reduction and customer service improvement goals by working closely with them to enhance our platform and services to meet their needs fast and cost effectively.

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