Axim has helped leading companies pioneer web-based internal systems that allow an organization's users to gain secure on-demand access to corporate systems from anywhere using standard browsers like Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. User familiarity with the simple point-and-click browser interface, elimination of the requirement to roll-out software to thousands of user computers (they already come with browsers installed), and the inexpensive, universal connectivity to the internet or corporate intranets make web-based applications extremely attractive for most new corporate applications.

Axim has developed custom internet/intranet applications ranging from insurance systems, to online medical record systems, online catalogs/ordering/purchasing systems, customer service systems, management reporting systems, sales and manufacturing systems. These applications have helped companies strengthen linkages with affiliated suppliers and customers; improve internal operations, costs, and customer service; and achieve faster roll-out of new products, placement of orders, dissemination of relevant information, and feedback from the market.

Internet/Intranet project examples include:

Web-based Online Medical Record System
Web-based Online Catalog and Ordering/Purchasing
Web-based Management Reporting Systems
Web-based Customer Service System for Financial Services firm
Web-based Marketing and Manufacturing Intranet

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