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WebDimensions/RM software brings Internet capabilities to existing Claims and Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS), meeting user demands for real-time and easier access to claims and risk information.It was named a Top Product by Risk and Insurance

WebDimensions/RM allows authorized users to get on-demand, secure, password-protected, point-and-click access to claims and risk management reports they need, right over the Internet, from existing claims and risk databases. They can track risk exposure, reserves, claims status, and other metrics whenever they desire.

WebDimensions/RM enables companies to cut paper-reports expenses, reduce workers' compensation and other claim expenses through timely analysis and intervention, improve service for clients, and by utilizing the Internet avoid the need for expensive deployment of specialized software and telecom infrastructure.


Access From Any Computer

Most computer users today already have a standard internet browser (Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer) on their PC, Macintosh, or UNIX workstation and have internet/intranet access. This is all the software and capability users need for instant, secure access to their Risk Management Information System. No additional software is required on their machines.

WebDimensions/RM is installed on a central computer server and works alongside the existing claims or RMIS system, to service the needs of web-based users for retrieval of case and management reports, from the RMIS database. Web-users get universal, anytime anywhere access to their risk management system.

Web-based Risk Management Reports, Analysis, Charts/Graphs

WebDimensions/RM's powerful multi-dimensional reporting and analysis engine puts critical information at the fingertips of risk and corporate managers. The defining of just a few reports, 2-5, can replace hundreds or thousands of current paper reports because users can use extensive drill-down and sort features to extract important case and risk data they need to monitor/analyze workers' compensation and other costs.

Risk managers can view roll-up summaries, drill down on RM information, and analyze the data, slicing and dicing it in any dimension. They can view companywide injury data, to see what types of accidents are generating the greatest amount of lost time or financial losses, or drill down on this information by location, body part and other fields. They can look at the data for various time periods: this month, last month, 12 months to-date, 36 months, 5 years. They can view summary data or details, and sort the data to spot patterns in events, injured parties, multiple-claims filers, etc.

WebDimensions/RM also builds in charting and graphing capabilities. Data can be analyzed visually, by creating bar and line graphs, or pie charts, that can be viewed on the screen or printed out for management presentations. Users can also Bookmark their frequently used reports. WebDimensions/RM maintains individual users' profiles and bookmark lists.

WebDimensions/RM's online reporting and analysis capabilities can be customized to suit the needs of each company based on the information  and reports stored in its claims or RMIS database.

Data Export To Excel and Word

WebDimensions/RM also allows export of risk management data into Microsoft Excel or Word. In addition to using the extensive online report analysis and viewing capabilities, managers can perform still more analyses by exporting the information into their Excel spreadsheets. Or they can embed RMIS information into memos and other documents by using the export-to-Word feature. Export to Excel or Word is as easy as clicking on the Excel and Word icons on the screen.

Security, Varying Levels of Access, Improved Collaboration

WebDimensions/RM is designed to provide extremely secure access to sensitive RM information. It will work with the intranet/internet security schemes already implemented by major companies, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Digital Certificates, password protection, and other security mechanisms, to ensure the highest level of information security.

WebDimensions/RM can also be configured to give different levels of users in a company different levels of access to the RMIS data. For example, some users may be allowed to only look at data for a particular site, others to look at only certain types of data, and still others to look at only data for a particular Division or Subsidiary of the company.

WebDimensions/RM improves collaboration between risk management departments of companies, their branch offices, insurance companies, and Third Party Administrators (TPAs), by giving all of them secure, timely access to the same information and reports, directly from the claims and RMIS database. Access for each type of user can be limited to the information only they need to see.

Saving Software & Telecom Costs

By enabling the use of the internet/intranet for RMIS access, WebDimensions/RM can save companies significant software, telecommunications, and support costs. Since no RMIS software needs to be deployed at branch offices or on user machines, the company saves the purchase, installation, training, and ongoing support costs, and headaches, of RMIS software deployment at branch locations and user machines.

WebDimensions/RM uses the internet/intranet infrastructure for RMIS access, so companies do not need to connect their RMIS installations using expensive, telephone leased lines. They can reap major savings in telecom installation and monthly leased-line costs.

WebDimensions/RM Architecture & Environments

WebDimensions/RM is designed to work on a central server. It can be interfaced to any existing Risk Management Information System that stores data in a relational database such as Oracle, Sybase, Informix, IBM DB2, or Microsoft SQL Server. WebDimensions/RM can also work with mainframe-based RM systems that do not use a relational database but can export summary records to a relational database. WebDimensions/RM can run on the same computer system that hosts the RM system, or can reside on a different computer system.

Users of WebDimensions/RM only need an internet browser, like Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, on their PC, Macintosh, or UNIX workstation. They do not need to install any WebDimensions/RM or RMIS software.

WebDimensions/RM: User Reactions

WebDimensions/RM has been praised by industry experts, end users and the trade press as an innovative web application for insurance. The Deloitte & Touche RMIS Lab in Hartford selected WebDimensions/RM as a trendsetting product to be shown to D&T clients who use the RMIS Lab for system evaluations.

Users like the extremely easy-to-use intuitive web navigation to information that WebDimensions/RM delivers. Users are not overwhelmed with complicated reports they must construct. The point-and-click drill-downs take users to the reports they need, easily, effortlessly, just like navigating any other web site. And they can get on-demand anywhere anytime access to the information they need without the costs and headaches of deploying proprietary terminals or client-side software at dispersed locations.

WebDimensions/RM may be the right answer for your reporting needs.



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