ClinView is an application for hospital intranets/internets. ClinView provides web-based creation, searching and retrieval of patient medical records at a hospital and its affiliated clinics.  ClinView can provide access to all varieties of medical records: those transcribed by a transcription service from physician-dictated notes and stored in a database; those created directly online, using ClinView; or those loaded from other sources (e.g. medical equipment) into a database.

Physician Access From Anywhere, Automated Workflow Physicians can use Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or AOL, from any hospital computer to access the hospital's "ClinView Home Page." They can then use simple point-and-click commands to create and process medical reports online; review, re-work, and sign, transcribed notes; authorize alternate signers; and get instant access to all ``Draft" pre-signed notes to manage critical patient situations.

Medical Records Department Capabilities, Integrates With Other Systems

ClinView automates the work of Medical Records departments by providing a special set of reports through the web just for them. Once a medical record has been electronically signed ClinView only allows the medical records department to authorize "unsigning" and modifications to the signed record. ClinView logs all changes to a signed record. ClinView can be integrated with other hospital systems like laboratory, radiology, etc. to build a complete web-accessible, online medical record.

Security, Confidentiality, User Priviliges

Security and confidentiality of medical records is protected through a number of ClinView features. User access is strictly controlled through passwords. Furthermore, ClinView maintains individual user profiles and assigns users to different classes, giving them differing access and change privileges. Each user at log-on is presented with a customized ``desktop." commensurate with his/her privileges. Just like the act of "signing out" a paper medical record ClinView tracks and logs each user's access to any medical record. If they have change privileges, ClinView requires re-entering of passwords for each change and logs any changes made. ClinView works under Windows NT, but can interface to any SQL database (Sybase, Oracle, Informix, DB2, MS SQL Server) on UNIX, Windows NT or another platform which holds transcribed patients records. ClinView can be customized to individual hospital's needs.

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