CITS Campus Incident Tracking System

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Incident Reports

Incident Reports can be added, modified, deleted, or distributed via e-mail to distribution lists. Spell checking is available on all text fields.

Incident Reports include the following information:

Initial Information

  • Incident status (open or closed)
  • Location
  • Contact information.


  • Type of incident
  • Date and time
  • Detailed Incident Description
  • Response times
  • Actions taken
  • Root causes
  • Steps to prevent recurrence.


  • Updates and modifications to filed reports
  • Reasons for edits.

Future Steps

  • Actions to be taken in the future
  • Who is responsible
  • Target completion date.

File Uploads

  • Files can be uploaded and attached to the Incident Report
  • When Incident Report is distributed, user can select if files are included as attachments

Email Distribution

  • Incident Report can be distributed via email to individuals or email lists
  • Distribution history will appear showing to whom and when the report was sent
  • 3 types of emails: initial incident email to all interested parties; emails to individuals identified as responsible persons for future steps; incident report update email

Task Assignment & Completion

  • Persons assigned corrective actions and tasks receive emails with incident report information, their tasks and completion dates
  • Those responsible for uncompleted future steps receive emails with links that let them mark their tasks as completed
  • When all future tasks are completed, the incident is automatically closed
    Incidents may also be manually closed by the administrator

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