Campus Incident Tracking System

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Campus Incident Tracking System (CITS) is a user friendly, web-based system to log, track, analyze, report and follow-up on campus incidents for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) offices at universities, colleges, and medical campuses.

Benefits of Using CITS

  • Rapidly capture and communicate key incident information to all parties
  • Assign and track corrective actions
    - responsible person, target completion date, closed-out date
  • Document issues to develop preventive measures
  • Analyze trend reports on incident types, root causes
    Demonstrate to management services EHS provides
  • One centralized location for secure, electronic access to all incident information, history, task assignments, and reports

Easy to Use and Implement
CITS is very intuitive and easy to use, so EHS staff and concerned persons can do their tasks quickly and efficiently, without extensive training. As a web-based system, authorized users can access it from anywhere, anytime, using a standard internet web browser. No special software is installed on user PCs, simplifying deployment. All CITS software and data reside on EHS’ secure, on-campus server.

Secure, Under EHS Control
CITS has built-in security to protect confidential incident information. Access is restricted to authorized users with password-protected, user accounts. Roles define what users can view – EHS staff can have broad access to file and update incident information, others can be limited to viewing analytical reports. All of CITS software and data reside on an on-campus, secure server under EHS control.

Developed by EHS Professionals
CITS is a system developed by EHS professionals for EHS professionals. It has been extensively used and refined over 5 years by Boston University’s EHS Office for its world class EHS program at BU’s large, urban, teaching, research and medical campuses.

Now Available to Universities & Colleges
CITS is now available to EHS offices at interested universities and colleges, at a very affordable price, as a commercially supported product from Axim Systems Inc. Axim can also provide additional services to meet client’s unique needs:

  • Customization services, to add additional features and functionality
  • On-going technical support, for bug fixes and upgrades
  • Installation and training services

Axim an Experienced Partner
Axim develops award winning risk management and medical software products, including the first internet based system for workers comp, auto, property, GL incident reporting. Axim’s satisfied clients include leading university hospitals and insurance companies. Axim can help EHS offices achieve their goals with a CITS implementation.



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