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CareLog holds the distinction of being one of the very first purely-internet-based residency management systems – securely accessible from anywhere, at any time, with specialized user accounts for residents, attendings, residency staff, and others.

CareLog’s first users, starting in 1998, were Anesthesiology residency programs. Initially, they used its highly intuitive case logging and extensive reporting capabilities to enable residents to enter case records online, allow departments to monitor residents’ progress against ACGME requirements, compile and file detailed annual ACGME training reports on all their residents and the department.

CareLog Mobile for Palm Pilots and PocketPC PDAs was added early on, with the additional twist that data was synch’d automatically over the internet with the CareLog web site rather than just stored on the resident’s PC. Residents could capture cases on their PDAs but the department always remained in-the-know with the latest data uploads to the web site (rather than waiting until such time as the residents were willing to re-enter PDA information into their web accounts).

CareLog and CareLog Mobile have come a long way from that initial Case Logging start. Their capabilities have been extensively enhanced to provide all the modules and functionality residency programs and Graduate Medical Education (GME) offices need across all specialty areas.

Main modules now include:
  • Evaluations
  • - 360°, rotation, automated OR-contact-based, any others you need, extensively configurable with custom workflows, handling of completed evaluations, and evaluation forms including Public Library of Forms and your institution’s own evaluation forms

  • Educational Activities
  • – Scheduling of grand rounds, conferences, lecture series, etc. with capture of Attendance including specifying mandatory attendance, attachment of presentations, articles, etc.

  • CaseLog and ProcedureLog
  • – Ability to capture case information for different specialties, for example Anesthesiology, to file ACGME reports, track competency of residents, set and monitor progress goals, fine-tune training activities

  • Scheduling
  • – Rotation and OnCall Scheduling and integration of these capabilities with other modules like Evaluations and Duty Hours

  • Duty Hours
  • - Duty Hours tracking with monthly surveys or individual activities logging and associated reports.

  • Department Directory
  • – Online and printable directory of department names, numbers etc.

  • Resident and Attending Profiles
  • - Detailed demographic, educational/training background, licenses, test scores, photograph, and other needed information on residents and attendings.

  • Automated Alerts and Reminders
  • – for evaluations, educational activities, etc.

  • Calendars
  • – My Calendar and Department Calendar

  • CareLog Mobile for Palm Pilots and PocketPC PDAs
  • – PDA applications for caselogs, duty hours, evaluations, directory, others.

  • – IRIS export and other GME related needs
Technologically, CareLog and CareLog Mobile have been continuously updated and recast with the latest technologies to keep them the most technologically advanced residency training management systems available. They build-in superb ease-of-use and ease-of-configurability while providing exceptional functionality.

Any department or institution can start using CareLog “out-of-the-box” with key features already built-in and configured. Yet the availability of configurable options and forms is such that CareLog modules can be tailored just right (evaluation forms, evaluation workflows, lectures and grand rounds, reports, etc. etc.) to precisely fit the needs and styles of a particular department or institution.

CareLog users have access and privileges personalized just for them. Residents, fellows, chief residents, attendings, residency education directors, department chairs, residency coordinators, GME staff, nursing staff, even patients, are given access to CareLog capabilities and information commensurate with their roles – no more, no less.

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