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RapidReports Premium Services

RapidReports Enhanced Services are designed to help you achieve strategic goals for superior customer service, lower costs, improved accuracy and streamlined processes.

  • RapidConnect suite of connectivity products, which use the latest technologies and standards (XML/SOAP), can electronically interface to your claims and policy systems for automated pre-loading of policy/insured information into RapidReports and automated claims data transfer to your systems. This improves accuracy and customer satisfaction, and eliminates redundant data entry costsand time.

  • RapidReferral capabilities can help reduce overall claims costs by helping channel claimants to your preferred provider networks at time of injury or loss. As an independent service provider RapidReports can work with your preferred networks to configure any referral capabilities, loading either CD-ROM based provider information or linking to provider network web sites for real time referrals.

  • RapidEDI enables transfer of workers comp FROI data to States via EDI directly from via our integration with a leading EDI services provider.

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