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RapidReports Live-CSR Outsource Call Center Services For FROI/FNOL

RapidReports FROI/FNOL Call Center can meet all your needs for live customer service reps to capture FROI/FNOL claims information that your insured customers would rather phone-in, fax-in, or mail-in. Our trained call center representatives can take claim information, 24/7, over the phone to your designated 800 numbers and enter it into a specially configured version of the same platform, used by your Internet users.

Regularly updated 50 States questionnaires and forms are used for 1-800 claims capture, with any special additional questions requested by you. Claims are automatically distributed via “Smart Email” to your claims offices, adjusters, brokers, risk managers, even to the preparers who phone-in, fax/mail-in the claim.

Services can be customized for your needs including calling back preparers of fax/mail-in claims to complete missing information, or distributing scanned copies of the fax/mail via email. Multi-lingual live operators for claims intake are available. Services include Full Outsource 24/7 Coverage, Evenings/weekends Coverage, Overflow coverage. integrated platform ensures one unified process for all your FROI/FNOL needs: from customized capture of all the claims data you need, whether entered by insureds over the Internet, or phoned-in or faxed-in to our call center; and “Smart Email” distribution of all claims information to your claims offices, adjusters, brokers, regardless of how the claim came in, adhering to the rules you establish.

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