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Risk & Insurance, December 1998
Axim's WebDimensions/RM named Top Product of 1998 by Risk and insurance


RIMS on the Web
PRODUCT: WebDimensions/RM

DESCRIPTION: WebDimensions/RM was designed to meet the needs of risk managers and workers' compensation managers. WebDimensions is a software program that brings Internet and intranet capabilities to existing risk management information systems.

COMMENTS: Innovative; one of the first risk management systems to appear on the Web.  The program allows for real-time injury data retrieval from a database in the form of charts, tables, graphs, etc.


Property and, October,1998
Axim's named Editor's Choice by property and 40.html


Internet Injury Report Service: First Report of Injury Service utilizes web-access software and WebDimensions/RM, an Internet interface software program designed to web-enable existing risk management information systems.

The service will allow for Internet reporting of claims 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company risk and insurance managers will be able to print out a completed First Report of Injury over the Internet for any of the 50 states immediately after an incident has been reported. The on-line reporting form is designed to accommodate any level of computer/Internet experience.

The service gives companies options for automatic e-mail notice of a reported injury, automatic down-load of the report into the company, insurer of third-party claims administrator risk management database, early intervention and managed care services, and reporting to state jurisdictions via EDI, fax or mail.


American Health Consultants
Hospital Payment & Information Management
, September 1997, Vol. 15, No. 9, page140

Axim-created online medical record system prominently featured in article on pioneering web-based medical record systems


Web-based medical record offers immediate access

Virtual electronic medical record is a reality

...Axim has just rolled out Clinnet, an electronic medical record at the Boston Medical Center that uses Web-browser technology to access patient information. "We are using a way of doing things that people have already gotten used to, so no new training is needed. As much as possible, we tried to use the tools of the Web and the user interface."

Clinnet, which was rolled out in the center's emergency department, provides on-demand access to patient records for physicians and other medical staff as the information is available in electronic form.

...The new system provides an elegant solution to the pressing need for instant access and availability. "It puts information easily in everybody's hands from any station in the hospital that has Web browser installed and in the future at remote sites that have a Web browser.

...The system, which uses a hospital intranet, allows physicians and residents to dictate their notes directly into an electronic voice file that is transcribed and then added to the electronic record. A "watermark" is seen on the screen if the transcribed notes are still in draft form. An electronic signature shows that a physician has signed off on the notes.

...For medical records staff, they can instantly see what reports need to be signed, how many are outstanding from different physicians. They can keep on top of things that way.


Axim featured in major intranets conference:

Developing & Implementing
Intranets for Healthcare Organizations
September 25-27, 1997 - The Sutton Place - Chicago, IL

Axim's work was featured in 2 major presentations:

    by Joe Kynoch, Director, New Technologies Group, Boston Medical Center and Jim Grace, Chief Technical Officer, Axim Systems Inc.

    by Robert A. Greenes, MD, PhD, Director, Decision Systems Group, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Partners HealthCare, Professor of Radiology and Health Sciences & Technology, Harvard Medical School






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